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I am starting to believe that the moon is playing a cruel trick on me, otherwise why else would the perfect tide time at any site I choose to dive always be in the early morning? Coincidence? More like conspiracy!

Ok now my usual lost lie in rant is out of the way we can move onto the actual dive report.

So here goes - 2.5 hours after setting off from HQ in Manchester we arrived at the village of Tudwieliog in North Wales which is home to the tiny picturesque
Sunday 7th July 2013 and on one of my very precious days off work my alarm was blaring out at stomach churning 5:45am, we divers must be mad! As the saying goes though tide and time waits for no man - especially not one who fancies a lie in after a tough week at work.

On the plus side the sun was out with the mercury already hitting 22 degrees and it felt a little bit like I had woken up in Sharm El Shiekh rather than the usually overcast outskirts of Manchester.

The week o
We all know the scenario, it's the school holidays, the vacation abroad is just a distant memory and the kids are bored, the cinema's too expensive, the zoo has been done, bowling doesn't last long enough.

But wait, remember the hours the kids whiled away at the beach on holiday as they snorkeled in the surf oohing and ahhhing at the marine world?

The mask and snorkel that brought so much joy for them and so much peace for you for those 2 short weeks in the 'Med' can work t
To celebrate the launch of we spoke to extreme diver and all round action man Andy Torbet, fresh from diving glacial lakes and avoiding Polar Bears for BBC2's Operation Iceberg, about which UK dive/snorkel sites would make his best of list.

Best Snorkel Site: It's a hard one. After completing 88 snorkels during my Britain by Snorkel project I've seem some crackers but I'd have to say Swanage Pier, by day and night, takes some beating for it's easy, safe access
In this article we take a look at some of the best underwater experiences the UK has to offer.


Grey Seals are amongst the rarest seals in the world and the UK is home to approximately 40% of the world's population of them.

Whilst many tour operators offer Seal watching expeditions from the safety of a boat the best place to encounter these wonderfully inquisitive creatures is on their home turf (i.e. underwater) as it is there that you will get to experie
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