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Directions/Parking: PA38 4BQ (Nearest Postcode). Park at the Cregan Inn on the A828.

Ingress/Egress: Entry is gained by heading down the gravel slip at the far end of the car park. Exit is also onto this slip.

Underwater Topography: The Loch 'bank' slips steeply beneath the surface to create a wall and the Loch bed below is made up of a combination of silt, Kelp, shellfish and large boulders.

Underwater Directions: This is a pretty straight forward dive in terms of direction. Entering the water descend and head in an easterly direction exploring the Loch bed whilst keeping the bank/wall on your left shoulder. Before reaching the bridge you want to be turning around and retracing your steps but maybe with a little further exploration of the loch bed.

Marine Fauna: Piles of Brittle Stars can be seen here, as well as Sea Cucumbers, and plenty of nice Kelp. The usual fishy suspects can also be seen including Saithe, Pollack and Cod swimming in the water column, but the real beauty of this area is the Horse Mussel beds which are a haven for literally hundreds of species of invertebrates.

Depth:Maximum Depth is around 13m.

Visibility:Visibility at this site is usually very good but as with many sites around the UK it can be reduced significantly following a period of turbulent weather.

Caution:This is not one for the novices as strong currents can be experienced, don't dive if you miss your slot save this one for another day.

Après Dive: The Cregan Inn is literally within spitting distance of this site so it would be rude not to nip in for a post dive drink.

Nearest Air Fill: 17.3 miles away at Puffin Divers
Tide: On Spring tides this site can be swept with some serious current. It is best dived on the slack and on neaps.

Loch Creran Bridge Dive Guide Loch Creran is a great shore diving location with several sites of special interest. One site offers the diver the opportunity to visit one of the World's rarest coral structures (and this is covered in The Serpulids of Loch Creran Guide). The focus of this guide is the area near to the Loch Creran Bridge which itself offers two very different dives. One of the bridge dives takes you on a swift drift dive under the Bridge (covered in Loch Creran Bridge Drift Guide) and the other, which is the subject of this guide, takes you on an exploration of the area to the west of the bridge, near to the Cregan Inn, and is a more gentle dive out of the way of the main tidal flow which still offers a good variety of marine life including the very special Horse Mussel beds.