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In this review we take a look at the Mares Dragon A/T MRS Plus.

Aesthetics: The Mares Dragon A/T certainly has a lot going for it in the style stakes, it looks modern and sleek and maybe even slightly futuristic. Definitely more jet pack than BCD which we secretly like, a lot!

Technical: This BCD is chock full of neat features and we refer you to the Mares website for an exhaustive list. In brief; this BCD is fitted with Mares' patented Airtrim inflation/deflatio
Aqualung Pro QD BCD
11 May 2013
In this review we take a look at the Aqualung Pro QD BCD.

Aesthetics: The Aqualung Pro QD BCD is a very traditional looking BCD and whilst it is unlikely to win any awards for its looks, on closer inspection there are some truly exceptional design features.

Technical: This BCD comes with Aqualung's 'Surelock ii' integrated weight system, as well having two small trim weight pockets on the tank strap. This model has a traditional inflator hose set up but is also a
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