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We have to say when we obtained the Waterproof H1 7mm Bibless Hood we already knew it was going to be good.

Over the years the Waterproof brand of diving equipment has in our experience been nothing but faultless. Waterproof products are generally high quality, high performance and great looking and we are happy to report that this hood is another great addition to the range. The hood we tested was a great fit, and was incredibly easy to don thanks to Waterproof’s glideskin materi
In this review we take a look at the Waterproof G1 5mm 5 finger glove.

Aesthetics: We have to say these gloves look the business, as you don them we challenge you not to feel like you should be wearing a cape and battling the murky underworld of Gotham city rather than diving into a murky quarry.

Technical: These gloves have pre bent fingers for an anatomical fit and an anti-slip grip on the palm. Waterproof's glide skin material inside allows for easy donning a
In this review we take a look at the Oceanic Neo Classic 6.5mm Boot

Aesthetics: These boots look solid and robust, the sole looks more work boot than dive boot but if you are after a boot that looks like it will protect your feet and does then this is definitely the boot for you.

Technical: These boots come with a virtually impenetrable moulded rubber sole with deep grips and a heel bubble for extra comfort. They have a substantial rand front and rear and a rubbe
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