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UKDivesite.com offers free information to help divers plan their dives.

UKDivesite.com accepts no liability for death or personal injuries sustained as a result of relying on any information contained on this website for the following reasons;

Diving requires specialist training and equipment - no one should attempt to dive without the requisite training, experience or equipment.

Diving can be a hazardous sport which can result in death and serious personal injury, anyone diving does so at their own risk.

Diving should always be carried out with adequate surface cover and the requisite medical supplies in case of emergency.

Whilst we try to provide you with helpful information based on our own experiences, the information provided is not intended to be relied upon as an accurate and exhaustive description of the site covered, our guides are intended as an overview of a site and much of the information is subjective and is by no means exhaustive.

Each diver must make their own assessment of a dive site before diving it in accordance with their training and the recommendations of the organisations to which they subscribe. The guides provided by UKDivesite.com are not a substitute for own risk assessment and proper dive planning.

There is no substitution for real time assessment of conditions at a site and our guides are not intended as a substitute.

We re-iterate, each diver is responsible for their own safety whilst diving and you must make your own assessment of a dive site before diving it.

Each dive site is unique and has very changeable conditions including but not limited to depth, tides, currents, visibility, topography, marine fauna etc. There can be changes in the nature of a site hourly and one diver's experience of a site may be completely different to another's.

Owing to the passage of time the accuracy of these guides cannot be and is not guaranteed.

It is impossible to predict nature and we do not in any way purport to do so. You must ensure your own safety by assessing in real time the conditions which present themselves whilst diving.

There is no substitute for local knowledge and we recommend you contact a local dive centre to check conditions and seek helpful information before diving a particular site.

Non of the information provided in any category of these guides representatives an exhaustive list of what a diver may experience at any given site, the information contained in our guides is intended to provide an overview only.

Information may quickly become outdated and accordingly accuracy is not guaranteed.

Whilst we try to draw attention to potential hazards, other hazards may well present themselves whilst diving. Whilst a specific hazard may not be mentioned in a guide that does not mean it will not present itself during a dive and as a trained diver you should prepare for all eventualities. New hazards may appear at a site after the writing of our guides. We do not have the resources to continually survey individual sites and we rely upon the diving community to update us so that we can update our guides.

Currents, Tides and poor visibility represent a significant hazard whilst diving at almost every dive site in the UK. A proper assessment of these must be carried out onsite and in real time and the information provided in these guides in respect of these matters is by no means exhaustive.

Descriptions contained within guides are subjective for example; what one diver considers 'minimal', 'slight' or 'good' another may not and due consideration should be given to that fact.

Whilst the guides suggest exit and entry points for dive sites we do not warrant the safety of these methods of ingress/egress. Entry and exit should be assessed by the individual diver before entering the water to ensure diver safety and to take account of a diver's own limitations. Often there are several points from which entry to/exit from a dive site can be achieved. Our suggestion may not be the best option for you.

Measurements of depth, distance or direction contained on this site are not guaranteed as these measurements are largely derived from educated guesswork carried out underwater. The inclusion of such measurements is intended to give divers and indication of conditions rather than an accurate assessment.

Whilst the guides suggest directions of travel once in the water, these are simply suggestions, the accuracy of measurements of depth, distance or direction contained in the guides are not guaranteed. Underwater navigation is a skill in its own right and our suggested underwater directions are not intended in anyway to replace this skill. It is also not suggested that the direction suggested in the guide is the only way to dive a particular site. Divers should decide their own direction of travel based preference or by reason of chosen entry/exit points, gas mixtures, equipment, experience, qualification, currents, tides etc.

Direction of travel often has to be adapted to take account of real time conditions and a diver's own experience and each diver should therefore make that assessment in real time.

The dive guide maps are not to scale, nor are they detailed enough to provide accurate reference points. Many of the underwater features present at a site are not included in any detail, nor are many of the hazards represented in illustrated form. These dive guide maps are intended simply as an artist's impression of the site.

Some of the information in these guides has come via third parties, the accuracy of this information has not always been verified and for that reason we do not guarantee the accuracy of any of the information on our site.

We re-iterate - UKDivesite.com and its agents/servants/employees accept no liability for death or personal injuries sustained as a result of relying on any information contained on this website for the reasons stated above.

We welcome input from active divers to help keep our guides up to date and as accurate as possible. If you spot anything in any of our guides which you feel is inaccurate or misleading or you spot a hazard at a site that you feel other divers should be warned about then we encourage you to contact us at enquiries@ukdivesite.com or via the contact form with your comments.